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machine learning & ai

We use machine learning to automate business processes. We use domain expertise, data analytics, pricing optimization, natural language processing, computer vision and data visualization to provide practical solutions. We play around with python ml packages (SciPy, NumPy,Pandas,Keras), tensorflow and machine learning on cloud (by amazon and google).

Success story:
Businesses nowadays have to keep track of tons of contracts related to a diverse range of functionalities from employee contracts to M&A contracts. It becomes harder to keep track of all the potential risks and hidden opportunities in these contracts just with human reviewers. We are currently trying to solve this problem by building an AI based platform that helps business keep track of all their contracts and extract potential risks and revenue opportunities hidden in these contracts.

The platform we are building is unique as it utilizes AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to keep track of contracts, analyze tons of contracts by learning from contextual meaning of each clause and sub-clause in contracts increasing the efficiency of the system over a simple keyword search. This platform also summarizes the contracts that would help businesses to understand key details present in the contract faster and more efficient.