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one idea - one month - one lakh

Have a great idea ? Want to take your idea to investors ? Do you need timely and affordable help to make it happen ?

Investors look for ideas that have been thought-thru and show positive return on investment. We work with you, elaborate the idea and detail the UI/functional aspects. We will convert the product vision into UI wireframes. We will create a simple but effective ROI/investment spreadsheet. With wireframes that are thought-thru and an ROI document, we will equip you to awe the investors !

Your deliverable is time and cost bound* (one month, one lakh rupees**) !

We wish you the very best. We can also help you to convert the wireframes to a working product. Let your ideas blossom !

*additional charges apply if wireframes go beyond 10 webpages.
**1 lakh rupees + tax = ~ $2000. varies based on exchange rates.